Hi! as you know i have joined again [towletimms07] i will do a contest to win 1 rare penguin! these are the questions:
1.How many wins do you need to win on card jitsu to become black belt?
2.Which server do i go on the most?
3.What is the name of the penguin who quit CP a couple of months ago?
This contest ends on the 23/12/08! Good luck
[make sure you send it to towletimms07!]

This is the contests page where you can win different prizes every 2 weeks! Contests come out on every other Monday so check back here regulary.

Contest 27/10/08:

This fortnights contest is really cool! If you get my question correct I will give you a code to unlock secret items on Club Penguin the best thing is, with this code non members can get some member items! Just a notice that Club Penguin like people doing this.

My question is Which Moderater of Club Penguin quit back in 2005?

 Tip: Comment more to get 20% more chance of winning.

If no one respronds or no one gets it correct I will just put the code on a new codes page. Good Luck! UPDATE:THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. SOMEONE HAS WON. CHECK THE HOMEPAGE FOR A NEW CONTEST. 


7 responses

14 04 2008

Because no one is responding I will increase the contest time!

12 06 2008

EDITED. Correct!

12 06 2008

EDITED. Correct!
So far you have 2/2!

27 10 2008

Happy77? Mrsdalek:Correct! Check your emails for the code.

27 10 2008

Wow. Thats not really a code and I already knew that (lol) but thanks! Also, no need to send me another thing because that works jus as good. 😉

3 11 2008
i love u clubpenguin!

happ77 happy 77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77 happy77

2 02 2009

uhh happy77

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