Club Penguin Myths

Tipping the IceBerg: Tipping the ice burg is impossible. People say it only works with 100 penguins but its not real. If you watch all the videos on youtube about tipping the iceberg you will notice they are just edits. Recently there was beta testers for tipping the iceburg.

Yellow Puffles: It used to not be true but now yellow puffles are for sale in the pet shop.

Rockhopper Banned: When you try to hack in to Rockhopper it says that he has been banned forever but this is not true. It is just somthing to stop you loging in to Rockhoper it’s the same with Billybob and RSNAIL and any other mod or acounnt that cp own.

Ninjas: This is again not real but ninjas can be seen on the homepage of if you click on the picture of the penguin.

Key to Rockhopper’s room: This used to be a myth but now you can get Rockhoppers Key from the back of his jornal which can be located in the book room.

Invisibility cloak: There has been rumours that you can get a cloak from G when you are exatly 1,2,3 or 4 years old but it is not true.
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6 responses

31 01 2008

hi u are cool

Thank you. (By the way can you PLEASE talk about the subject!)

8 02 2008

New myth added!

29 03 2008

oh wow, i never knew bout the invisibility cloak! that would be SO COOL if there really was one! 😀

5 07 2008

ninjas are real!!!!!!!! their coming out in november thankyou very much!

17 07 2008

there is a key to rockhoppers hq now!

19 03 2009

yes I am cool aj49 from poopoopoopoopoopoopoo

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