Cheats and Glitches

Cheats and Glitches

1. Walk on Doors:

2. Walk on Nightclub Walls: Thanks to skcorrohoj for the video.

3. How to Nub: First on Club Penguin go to The Town or Dojo. Now Press F11 and click the white space under the chat bar. You are now nubbing. THIS MAY NOT WORK!

4. Be on many penguins at once: For this cheat you must not have any penguins saved on your PC. Go to and dont login. Open another tab an it will say mutible logins detected. Click the Disney logo and press enter twice. When a message pops up after this click ok and login. Go back to tab one and login to the same server as the other penguin and you will be controling 2 penguins. You can do this with as many more penguins as you want.

Please check back here reguley (SORRY FOR BAD SPELLING) for more sweet cheats.


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One response

4 10 2008

the skull will not work how do u make it work?

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