Im Back!

21 02 2009


Since I got 12 comments, Im gonna reopen this site but maybe only for 1 more month. I may be closing because I hardly ever get any hits and I think with all the hard work I put into this site there is no point if no one see’s it. So from now on I am opening a page with polls asking if this site should close, you can make comments about what needs improving on this and if I get 200 comments on that page I will have a contest then if lots of people enter that this site will stay open! So tell your friends about this site this site also if you have a site please add me to your blogroll! By the way, the page is called Should this site close?.

Anyways on to Club Penguin,

Yesterday a puffle party started and there was one free item. It was a returned one. Damn.

The free item is at the cove:

I will add a picture later.

Rock On-





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