5000 Hits Party!

16 12 2008


Since I just passed 5000 hits Im having a party!

Here are details!:

Date: Saturday 20th December 2008 (This Saturday!)

Time: 2.30pm English Time

Server: Down Under

Where: The Dock but we will move.

For late penguins I will wait ten minutes. In those ten mins I will click some penguins for You Tube.

Here is the evnts that will happen during the party:

2:30pm: Clicking at the Dock

2:41pm: Card Jitsu At The Dojo

2:50pm: Find Four In The Ski Lounge

3:00pm: Dance Party In The Night Club

3:15pm: Sled Racing At The Mountain.

3:20pm: More Clicking At The Coffee Shop

3:30pm: Party In Mrsdalek’s Igloo

3:50pm: Mrsdalek and Dark Dexoys Log off and post after party photos.

So thats my party details. If you like invite your friends and tell as many people as possible!

In other news, Today I met a Beta!  Here is a picture:


That is all!

Rock On-

~Mrsdalek AKA MD~

P.S remember to come to our party! Lets get 100 penguins or over there!




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