Bye pplz

3 07 2008

Hi viewers of CPCW3 I’ve got LOADS to do at the moment so I have to take a break from posting for a while. I’ve got so much to do. A note as well, On the moderator coins service the maximum is 5 million coins but we will NOT use cheat programmes such as CPMM2 (Cp money maker 2) or Cp trainer 5 to get the coins just hard earned coins. But do appreciate that coins are quite hard to get so we cannot get all the coins in a few days and we are busy quite a lot of the time.

Because I’m having a break I’ll tell you about all the new stuff coming up. There is a new furniture catalog now, fireworks till the 6th of July, Squidzoid v.s Gamma Girl and Shadow guy is coming back to the stage, new pin coming, improvements to mailing postcards, new player card set up soon, clothing catalog soon. If I remember correctly that is all.

When I come back which will be on Monday the 9th of July I will open a new page called movie theatre air and my new movie,make a start on the requested coins and finish the dream penguins (I am sooo sorry they are so late I’ve just got so much to do and not much free time)

Finally one reminder THIS IS IMPORTANT. Dream penguins are just pictures of your dream penguin I don’t actually go on your account and get the clothes I wish I could but I cant.

Bye ppl see you again on monday!

~Dark Dexoys~  

P.S One last thing…….LOOK AT THIS! SPINNY! Create custom animated gifs at!




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