Happy Easter!

22 03 2008

The CPCW team would all like to wish you a Happy Easter. Here is a picture:


Also here is were all the eggs are:

The first egg is on the light in the mine. The second egg is at the dock covered in snow. The third one is in the pet shop, click on the red puffle. The fourth is in the book room it is the cactus. The fifth is at the gift shop it is on the poster. The sixth egg is at the plaza it is a light. The seventh is in the atic click the box and it should appear. The final egg is in the dojo. It dissapears so be quick!

Just before I end this post Dark Dexoys has asked me to say sorry for posting nothing about St Patricks Day. This happened because our internet was not working so sorry.

I got this Bubs
from TheLordNick.com/Bubs



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