Visit Nintendo Cheats Tribe!

7 04 2009


I have quit Club Penguin but I now have a new site, Nintendo Cheats Tribe! The entry site can be acsesed at and main site is the chat is and the email address is

Visit Now!,

~Mrsdalek AKA MD~



8 03 2009

Its been fun but today I am quiting Club Penguin. But there is a good thing, I will still sometimes go on and I am going to continue to blog on my other sites about gaming including Nintendo Cheats tribe and others.
See you in the future!-
~Mrsdalek AKA MD~

cool site!

1 03 2009

you gotto vist this site! it is really cool!
as you know it is owned by noel he is really cool!
please vist!


21 02 2009


I have created a chat which can be acsessed here: feel free to come and visit it and chat to me.

Thats bout it really.

Rock On!-

~Mrsdalek AKA MD~

Im Back!

21 02 2009


Since I got 12 comments, Im gonna reopen this site but maybe only for 1 more month. I may be closing because I hardly ever get any hits and I think with all the hard work I put into this site there is no point if no one see’s it. So from now on I am opening a page with polls asking if this site should close, you can make comments about what needs improving on this and if I get 200 comments on that page I will have a contest then if lots of people enter that this site will stay open! So tell your friends about this site this site also if you have a site please add me to your blogroll! By the way, the page is called Should this site close?.

Anyways on to Club Penguin,

Yesterday a puffle party started and there was one free item. It was a returned one. Damn.

The free item is at the cove:

I will add a picture later.

Rock On-



20 02 2009


Sorry I havnt posted for a while but I am posting to say that everyone here at Club Penguin Cheats World 3  is moving to Im going to leave this site open and may return sometime so I hope you still visit so I guess, See you sometime in the future! Oh! And at Towletimms07’s site there will be me, Dark Dexoys, Towletimms07, Cpwoton, Bramble465, Tybone10 and maybe WATEX!

See you in the future friends!,

~Mrsdalek AKA MD~

P.S If i get 10 or more coments on this post this site will not close! You have until tommorrow!

I a moderator!

18 01 2009

After along time i am now a mod! [07towletimms07]

dont forget to check my site out!